Attendance policy

Attendance Policy
Maaron Business School maintains a rigid student attendance policy. Failure to adhere to the policy may ultimately lead to you being suspended from College. All students are expected to attend classes according to their timetable. All students are required to provide a written explanation for any absence. Such explanations are to be given by the student to Student Services on the day of return.

Student Attendance Procedure

  • All students must register for each lecture or class by either “touching in” using the electronic registration system, or by signing in using the paper registration system, whichever is in place at the time.
  • Unauthorised absence is not permitted under any circumstances and may result in a phone call or letter to the parent / career or sponsor and to further disciplinary action.
  • All information relating to attendance will be kept on student records and may be used to provide support in disciplinary action that may be taken.
  • Persistent unauthorized absence may lead to suspension or exclusion.
  • This procedure deals progressively with unauthorized absences. Unauthorized absence is normally one day or one lesson; unauthorized absences of more than one day may result in disciplinary action being taken.

Action to be taken
Informal disciplinary action

  • An informal interview will be held with a senior member of the Academic staff if a student has two consecutive unauthorised absences. A record of this meeting will be kept and targets for improvement will be set.
  • The Academic staff will continually review absences with the student.
  • Notes of all communication will be kept on the student’s file.
  • The consequences are that the student’s parent/carer or sponsor may be required to meet College staff to discuss the future of the student at the College.

Stage 1 formal disciplinary action

  • After further unauthorised absences, a formal meeting with the student and his/her parent/carer or sponsor will be initiated by College staff.
  • During this meeting an action plan with measurable targets will be agreed.
  • If the targets are met, no further action will be taken; if the targets are not met a stage 2 disciplinary meeting will be arranged and a written warning will be given to the student.

Stage 2 formal disciplinary actions

  • If further unauthorised absences occur, or if previously set targets are not met, another meeting with the student and their parent / carer or sponsor will be held during which final targets or a final written warning will be given.
  • If the targets are met there will be no further action; if the targets are not met, the outcome could be exclusion