Refund Policy

Fees, Refund & Transfer Policy
Course Fee will be reviewed before the start of September semester every year. Fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment and before attending classes, by Cash, wire transfers or cheque, made payable to Maaron Training. Please note that the fees charged do not include examination fees, certification fees or registration with the awarding bodies. Students will be advised of such fees when the charges are received from the awarding bodies. Students are expected to pay the relevant awarding bodies‘ fee before taking any examinations or assessment of their course work. Where the tuition fee includes study material, the student will be informed during enrolment, otherwise the fees do not include such material. Unless otherwise stated, fees are charged per session or academic period which may be less than the calendar year.

Fees Terms

  • All fees must be paid in full via cheque, cash or international bank transfer, prior to course commencement. If paying by international bank transfer, please contact the Finance Officer who will provide the College bank details.
  • All overseas students should pay a minimum 75% of course fee before an admission is granted
  • Students request to pay the rest 25% of the tuition fees by installments must be agreed to an installment plan at or before registration. The student on an installment plan should pay their first payment on the registration date. Payment by installments incurs an administrative charge of CFA 50 000 which will be added to the tuition fees.
  • All students agree to register with the relevant awarding body or Examination Body. The registration or examination fees should be paid directly to the awarding body by the student. Details of such registration can be found from the relevant body website.
  • Students who are in arrears will be communicated to by a college officer, and if a student is persistently in arrears, the student will be referred to the finance officer who may require that the student settle the remaining balance in full and cancel the installments plan. Failure of which may result in the student being suspended.
  • The suspended students will be send a letter at their registered address seeking payment in full, including an administration charge of CFA 100 000 within 10 working days of the date of the letter. Where payment in full is made and cleared within 10 working days, suspension will be lifted. In case of student ignore or persist with nonpayment the student will be terminated from the .
  • No changes to academic programmes may be made after 4 weeks from the date of commencement of the original course chosen. No course changes/deferments can be authorized after overseas students have been granted a visa. Any variation to their student status will be notified to the Immigration authorities in Cameroon, and the visa issuing authority.
  • The College reserves the right to withdraw an advertised Course which insufficient number of students enrols and to close any. Where a course has been cancelled before teaching has commenced, the student will be entitled to a full refund or to transfer the fees paid to a different course.
  • Where a student fails to complete their course, module or level within the period specified on the enrolment form or other agreed period (e.g. by failing to submit their work on time or failure to take exams as scheduled), he/she will be considered as a repeat student and will therefore be required to re-enrol for the course/module/level and pay the full fees. In exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the college, a student may be asked to pay half of the fees.

Refund Terms

  • Except in the cases of cancellation of a course by the College, or of applicants from overseas refused a student visa, no student is entitled as of right to a refund of fees. The College however at its discretion grant full or partial refunds of fees. Applications for either refund or transfer must be made in writing on the appropriate forms, which must be signed by the student.
  • Fees are not refundable it after the commencement of the course, the student stops attending or leaves the course before its completion or is suspended by the College owing to non-attendance, misconduct or any other relevant reasons.
  • Students refused visas because they falsified documents, failed to submit the required documentation, or supplied wrong or false information to either the college or immigration authorities will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Applications must be made on the College refund application form. No refund will be made unless the College has received all original copies of the refusal from the appropriate immigration authority. The College may specify that satisfactory evidence be provided of this, and may specify what evidence is required or acceptable.
  • Students who are Appealing/Administrative review against refusal of a student visa are not eligible for a refund until the outcome of the appeal is known. In case of refusal after the start of the term time, a term fee will be deducted and rest will be refunded. At the discretion of college, a full refund is done.
  • No refund is permitted or shall be made if a student enters Cameroon on a student visa obtained on the basis of the CAS.
  • No Refund is permitted or encouraged if a student refuses to apply for a visa after a CAS is issued.
  • No refund is permitted or shall be made when a student decides to leave the College for whatever reason after an extension of a student visa (Local international Student) has been obtained through College.
  • Students refused visas because they falsified documents, failed to submit the required documentation, or supplied wrong or false information to either the college or immigration authorities will not be entitled to a refund.