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Irrespective of the discipline chosen. The entering requirement for Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D), Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) is the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSc. HS)
This program is a pre-medical course that prepares students to become a medical doctor, pharmacist, dentist, etc. The program also equips skills in students that are vital to many different healthcare professions including: Hospitals, research laborato ries, Private offices or clinics, Public health organizations. Rehabilitation facilities, Government agencies.

The Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the American University in Central Africa (AUCA) is a registered and approved School of higher education by Ministry of education in sao tome and Principe and Higher Education of the Central African Republic, under de authorization N°110/MES/DICAB/DGESRSTI/DES/SESPP_20, Its diplo- mas are worldwide recognized and allow the practice of medical profession on all continent and more particular in USA. Unlike the study of medicine in Europe, medical stu- dies in the US educational system
generally begin after three or four years of undergraduate study. Thus, in order to prepare you for medical studies, Maaron Higher Institute trough his Head University American University in Central Africa, give you the oppor- tunity to take a BSc in Health Sciences in Cameroon and to pursue in the FMPS AUCAS' Campus of Sao Tome and Principe or Bangui in the Central African Republic.


To be admitted to our Bachelor cycle, candidates must be a GCE Advanced level science holder's and or university students in sciences.


Bilingual education


Pre-registration: 25.000 Frs
Registration: 82.500 Frs
Tuition (per year): 570.000 Frs

Pre-registration period: untill July 31st
Registration period: From June 1st to August 31st Date of the back to school in the Dschang Campus: Monday September 18, 2023 at 8.00 a.m. sharp.